Shanghai Daikang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier to provider comprehensive cleaning solutions specific to commercial hotel, restaurant, laundry, industrial manufacturing and other industries. Company production base is located in Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Development Zone, the factory covers an area of more than 8000 square meters, now with a production capacity of various types of chemical products for around 8000 Tons each year.

Poverful R&D ability is the foundation of guaranteeing Dai Kang chemical product performance in the lead. The research and development center of our company has accumulated and trained a number of industry-recognized senior engineers, with rich experience and first-class level technical level , constantly bring up with something new in the industry, also providering customized solutions according to the special requirements of our customers.

So far, the company production and sales of chemical products related to industrial equipment maintenance commercial chemicals, special fine chemicals, chemical cleaning agents, circulating water system treatment, maintenance chemicals six series and so on. At the same time, to develop the dispenser, Equipment of PA, PTU and dishwasher and or related industrial chain. Our service scope covers hotel, restaurant, high-grade property, laundry room, auto manufacturing, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, machinery and electronics manufacturing and other industries, with a good reputation and high visibility in this field.

Till now, "Dai Kang" has been acknowledged as the leader in the industry innovation and products provider, become the famous chemical cleaning comprehensive solution provider in the country. We owns famous brand "Dai Kang" and other series of a total of several hundred kinds of products, with excellent quality, and energy saving, environmental protection, green, healthy product idea, plays an great leading position in the similar products.

Dai Kang E&T co. LTD with a unique idea, in the face of past, present and future, the tide of rapid development in the industry, always advocate the high quality, performance and high intelligent product concept, always implement the customer as the center of management ideas. Dai Kang E&T co. LTD is looking forward to working with people kof vision, shoulder the responsibility of the industry and society together, no matter in hotel, restaurant, factory or home, for you and your family - "Perfect products, perfect service".





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